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Mission Statement

To cultivate high standards of amateur theatre production across Cheshire by providing a robust communications network; a competitive festival and rewarding excellence across all ages.



·         To provide a central organisation through which amateur theatre societies in Cheshire can take co-operative and concerted action.

·         To foster mutual co-operation between Societies in connection with their respective stage productions.

·         To press for greater recognition of our work by public bodies, principally within Cheshire.To develop and extend the services already provided and so increase the level of assistance available to members for their stage productions.

·         To promote 'live theatre' to the general public, so providing a cultural activity of acknowledged value.

·         To cultivate improved standards and technical effort within the amateur theatre in Cheshire. This to be achieved through competitive festivals, critically and constructively adjudicated by recognised experts and educational courses and workshops.

To visibly encourage and reward excellence within the amateur theatre in Cheshire by annually awarding trophies to the best performance within designated classes within amateur theatre production.

·         To involve and encourage at all times, in every facet of the theatre, the youth drama movement in Cheshire.