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Festivals are a chance to air short and, perhaps, more contentious or challenging plays to the public. It also affords new directors a chance to dip their toes over the parapet as well as challenging young actors to travel and present a play in a ‘strange’ theatre space. There’s always a bit of silverware up for grabs, too!

Chelford Drama Festival                                                 

For more details go to or contact Bev Ibbotson at 


There are 7 Awards: Best Junior Play; The David Wood Award for Best Junior Individual Performance; Best Youth Play; The Donald Ashbury Trophy for Best Youth Individual Performance; Best Senior Play; Best Senior Individual Performance; Adjudicator's Special Award.

Wilmslow Guild One-Act Festival "The Friendly Festival"

Normally in June at The Guild on Bourne Street. There are three categories Junior (under 14 yrs), Youth (14 - 18 yrs) and Senior.

Visit or contact Janet Douglas (01625-861613) directly.


There are 9 Awards: Best Production (Junior, Youth and Senior); Best Individual Performance (Junior, Youth and Senior); The Geoffrey Reed Award for Best Director; The Adjudicator's Award; The Syd Mence Cup for a Piece of Theatre Magic.

Nantwich Players Youth Festival

 Staged at the Players' Theatre, it is open to Youth Groups and Schools in and around Cheshire.  There are two categories: Junior (13 and under) and Youth (18 and under). There must be a minimum of two actors in a performance. Running time: Minimum 20 mins, maximum 50 mins. 


There are 5 Awards: Best Junior Production; Best Youth Production; Adjudicator's Award; Best Junior Individual Performance; Best Youth Individual Performance.  

Visit for more information.