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Catalogue of Awards


                The Award for Best Poster

                The James Tait Award for Best Production with Musical Content

                The Write Now! Award for New Writing

Youth and Plays with Musical Content Awards

                The Barry Phillips Award to the Best Young Actor (Male)

                The Rebecca Seymour Award for the Best Young Actor (Female)

                Best Lighting and Sound

                Best Costume

                The Award for Best Director

                The ‘Oh, Yes You Have’ Trophy for Pantomime

                The Award for Best Youth Production

                The Adjudicator’s Award

Full Length Play Awards          

                Best Young Actor in a Senior Production

                Geoffrey Croxford Cup for Best Supporting Male Actor

                The Geoffrey Kellet Cup for Best Supporting Female Actor

                The Margaret Thomas Salver for Best Costume

                The Ron Gleave Shield for Best Lighting and Sound

                The Bramhall Cup for Best Set Presentation

                The Kay McLaren Award for Properties

                The Vicky Lane Trophy for Dramatic Achievement    

                The Jane Keylock Award for Comedy

                The Adjudicator’s Award

                The David Lane Cup for Best Male Actor

                The Allan Warburton Cup for Best Female Actor

                The Chronicle Cup for Best Director

                The Ron Arscott Shield for Runner-up Best Production

                The John F Blackburn Award for Best Overall Production