See attached Receipts and Payments Summary June 2016 (below)

  •  A total of 18 societies have affiliated this year at £25 each, the same number as last year.
  • There were a total of 38 adjudications and, at £95 each for the Senior category and £75 for Youth and Panto categories, this bought in a total from societies of £3,590.
  • The adjudicator fees have been paid for this year at a net cost of £4004.20. This equates to each adjudication actually costing the CTG an average of £105, and thereby being subsidised from funds held by approximately £11 per adjudication.
  • Our balance remains healthy at £2,946.61 and therefore the committee has decided to propose to the AGM that the affiliation fee and the adjudication fees payable by societies for the 2016/17 season, remains the same as last year.


  • General expenditure on postage etc remains low.
  • I am sure you will agree that £126 spent on the website, along with all the time that your Chairman gives to the updating, gives the CTG and its member’s quality publicity and information. 

Note that the income/expenditure on the awards evening and AGM refers to the previous year of 2014/15.

If the accounts are accepted by the AGM, then they will be handed over to the auditor.

Sandie Laughlin, Treasurer, Cheshire Theatre Guild 21/6/2016