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CTG CHAIRMAN’s report 2018

This season we will have provided, to a healthy number of affiliated member societies:

·         A competitive Play Competition involving all ages.

·         Expert feedback from experienced adjudicators.

·         A showcase of talent within the Cheshire Theatre Guild.

And have

·         Rewarded excellence with a broad spectrum of awards which will be presented at our annual Awards Event at MADS on July 11th.

·         Continued the Write Now! award for new writing.

Expanded the awards profile to encourage young actors.

·         Provided and shared information across the Guild via a dynamic, website.


Play Competition 2017-2018

Youth and Panto Section, Adjudicators Sue Doherty and Andy Wild; reported on 6 productions from 5 societies

Full-length Play Festival, Adjudicators  Sue Doherty and Robert Meadows shared 25 productions from 7 societies

Changes to the awards profile: In an effort to encourage young actors there will be two additional awards this season.  Both male and female Most Promising Youngsters became Best Young Actor Awards. There were two, new Most Promising awards for the young actors who show most promise.

 The Write Now! award, aimed at recognising innovative playwrighting was been continued with three entrants, two from MADS and one from Davenham Players. 

This season’s Awards Evening was held at MADS Little Theatre on Wednesday 11th; thanks  to them for hosting us so efficiantly. Attendance was again well over 100! This in the face of some competing World Cup football match.          

This year we enjoyed four quality excerpts: Balloons, a monologue written and presented by 16 year old Emilia Lewis; Goodnight Mr Tom from Kingsley Players; Shakespeare Workshop from Harlequin Youth Theatre and Playhouse Creatures from Chester Theatre Club – then the Awards.

                                Again, nominations in most categories, were announced at Mid-day Monday 18th             June in order to encourage as many nominated members (and others) to attend.

The Nominations and Winners are published HERE

                The website is the CTG’s Central Huband the One-Stop Shop for Amateur Theatre in Cheshire with Up-to-date information and robust links to member societies.

                Traffic continues at 10-20 hits per day with the usual spike in June around the announcement of the nominations.

Adjudicators 2018-2019

Next season's adjudicators will include Andy Wild and Jerry Park.  Andy has previously reported on both the Youth and Full-length Productions for the CTG.  Jerry is new to the game and will share the Full-length section with AN Other, yet to be assigned. 

Jerry Park is the grandson, son and father of actors on the amateur stage. He has been involved in amateur theatre throughout his life, belonging to several groups from Canterbury to Glasgow. He has appeared in more than sixty productions and directed his first plays while at university.   Jerry is a well respected director, responsible, since 1995 for 26 plays in Cheshire - mostly at Nantwich Players - of which some have  won him the accolade of Best Director as well many Best Overall Production awards in Northern Regional Drama Festivals. 

Finally, Thanks to my Committee, John Powell, Sandie Laughlin, Maureen Melville, Gerry Card, Marie Straker and Laura Bason for their work during the year and especially in the run up to and execution of the Awards Evening.

We were saddened to hear of the death of long-standing CTG member Margaret Thomas at the age of 90.

We also wish current member Margaret Boschi a speedy recovery.

                                                                                 July 2018

Gordon Hamlin


The Cheshire Theatre Guild