Cheshire Theatre Guild

 2012 - 2013 Nominations and Awards


The Poster Award (Judge: Bernice Tackley)

              Frodsham Players for Loot


Youth and Plays with Musical Content Awards

Adjudicator: Linda Sunners

Barry Phillips Award for the Most Promising Youngster (Male)

               Charlie Eddleston as The Little Beggar  (Arabian Nights - Nantwich Players)

              Joshua Bell as Ali Baba (Arabian Nights  - Ashton Hayes Theatre Club)

               Jonathan Combey for Various Roles  (Oh What A Lovely War - Grange School)

   JONATHAN COMBEY for Various Roles  (Oh What A Lovely War - Grange School)


Rebecca Seymour Award for Most Promising Youngster (Female)

                Alice Gregr as The Fairy of the Crystal Cave (Jack & the Beanstalk - Sale Nomads)

                Caitlin Reilly for Various Roles (Oh What A Lovely War - Grange School)

                Amy Carter as Emma Sweetly  (Christmas Cavalier - Wilmslow Guild)

     ALICE GREGR as The Fairy of the Crystal Cave (Jack & the Beanstalk - Sale Nomads)


Best Lighting and Sound

                Sale Nomads  -  Spend, Spend, Spend

                Ashton Hayes Theatre Club  -  Arabian Nights

                Grange School  - Oh What a Lovely Wa            

                             THE GRANGE SCHOOL - Oh What a Lovely War

Best Costume

                Bollington Festival Players  -  Cinderella

                Sale Nomads  -  Spend, Spend, Spend

                Sale Nomads  -  Jack and the Beanstalk

                                BOLLINGTON FESTIVAL PLAYERS  -  Cinderella

Best Director

                Katy Tomlin  -  Oh, What A lovely War (Grange School)

                Kelly Ann Davies  -  Arabian Nights  (Nantwich Players)

                Yvette Owen/Stephanie Lemmy  -  Arabian Nights  (Ashton Hayes Theatre Club)          

                                KATY  TOMLIN  -  Oh, What A lovely War (Grange School)

The James Tait Award for Best Production with Musical Content

                Sale Nomads                                                      Spend, Spend, Spend

                Ashton Hayes                                                    Arabian Nights

                Grange School                                                   Oh, What a lovely War

                                ASHTON HAYES THEATRE GROUP - Arabian Nights

The 'Oh, Yes you have!' Shield for Pantomime

                Wilmslow Guild - The Christmas Cavalier

                Bollington Festival Players - Cinderella

                Sale Nomads - Jack and the Beanstalk          

                                BOLLINGTON FESTIVAL PLAYERS for Cinderella

The Adjudicator’s Award

                For her duality of skills in Directing and Acting in Arabian Nights - Yvette Owen from   Ashton Hayes Theatre Group


Full Length Play Awards

Adjudicator: Garth Jones

Most Promising Young Performer in a Senior Production     

                Ellie Hamer as Michael Darling (Peter Pan - Harlequin Theatre)

                Rachel Law as Tootles  (Peter Pan - Harlequin Theatre)

                                ELLIE HAMER as Michael Darling in Peter Pan for Harlequin Theatre

The Geoffrey Croxfrod Cup for Best Supporting Actor   

                David Garner as Jim (Humble Boy  - Altrincham Little Theatre)

                Eamon Goodfellow as Pantaloon  (A Servant To Two Masters  -  Harlequin Theatre)

                Dave Burt as George Pye (Humble Boy  - MADS)                       

                Paul Higgins as Michaud (Therese Raquin  - Nantwich Players)

                Tony Kemp as Patrick Bronte (We Are Three Sisters - Chester Theatre Club)

                    TONY KEMP as Patrick Bronte in We Are Three Sisters for Chester Theatre Club

The Geoffrey Kellet Cup for Best Supporting Actress     

                Margaret Taylor and Sue Woodward as the Aunts (The Forsyte Saga - Nantwich Players)

                Rebecca Spaven as Madame Parole (My Three Angels  - Chester Theatre Club)  

                Grace Reed as Sylvia  (Let it Be Me - Wilmslow Guild Players)  

                Aimie Worsnop as Smeraldina  (A Servant To Two Masters  -  Harlequin Theatre)

                Pam Molloy  as Fairy May  (The Curious Savage - Davenham Players)

                                GRACE REED as Sylvia in Let it Be Me by Wilmslow Guild Players                                                                                                                                             

The Margaret Thomas Salver for best Costume

                Harlequin Theatre  -  Peter Pan

                Harlequin Theatre  -  A Servant To Two Masters              

                MADS  - Emma

                Nantwich Players  -  The Forsyte Saga

                Chester Theatre Club  -  Hedda Gabler

                                NANTWICH PLAYERS  -  The Forsyte Saga

The Ron Gleave Shield for Best Lighting and Sound        

                Nantwich Players - The Forsyte Saga

                Harlequin Theatre - Her Naked Skin

                Bollington Festival Players - Taking Steps

                MADS - Pratt of the Argus

                Harlequin Theatre - Peter Pan           

                                HARLEQUIN THEATRE - Peter Pan           

The Bramhall Cup for Best Set Presentation       

                Chester Theatre Club   -   The Safari Party

                Nantwich Players   -  The Forsyte Saga

                MADS   -   Out of Sight, Out of Murder   

                Harlequin Players   -   Blithe Spirit

                Harlequin Theatre   -  Peter Pan

                                MADS   -   Out of Sight, Out of Murder  

The Vicky Lane Trophy for Dramatic Achievement

                Sale Nomads - The Graduate

                Bollington Festival Players - Taking Steps

                Moulton Drama Group - Blood Brothers

                Chester Theatre Club  - Bedroom Farce

                Davenham Players - The Curious Savage

                                BOLLINGTON FESTIVAL PLAYERS  for Taking Steps

The Adjudicator’s Award

                                The show must go on and succeed:  MADS  for Pratt of the Argus

The David Lane Cup for Best Actor

                Dave Parry as Michael   (Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me  -  Nomads)

                Ian Fensome as Felix   (Humble Boy  -  Altrincham Little Theatre)

                Charlie Gobbett  as Truffaldino   (A Servant To Two Masters  -  Harlequin Theatre)

                Anthony Wheatcroft  as  Lol  (The Safari Party  -  Chester Theatre Club)

                Pete Munro as Henry Pratt  (Pratt of the Argus  -  MADS)

        CHARLIE GOBBETT as Truffaldino in A Servant To Two Masters for Harlequin Theatre

The Allan Warburton Cup for Best Actress

                Laura Smith as Charlotte Bronte  (We Are Three Sisters  -  Chester Theatre Club)

                Meg Cooper as Anne Marie (Altrincham Little Theatre  -  Horses in Midstream)

                Laura  Bason as Eve (Her Naked Skin  -  Harlequin Theatre)

                Mary Ellis as Valerie  (The Weir  -  Sale Nomads)                

                Michaela Warrilow  as Chris  (Calendar Girls  -  Nantwich Players)

                   MEG COOPER as Anne Marie in Horses in Midstream for Altrincham Little Theatre 

The Chronicle Cup for Best Director

                Charlotte Lightbody  for The Forsyte Saga  - Nantwich Players

                Gordon Hamlin for Her Naked Skin - Harlequin Theatre

                Delyse Rostron for Bedroom Farce - Chester Theatre Club

                 John Cunningham for The Weir - Sale Nomads           

                Chris Ridge for ART - Nantwich Players                                   

                                CHRIS RIDGE for ART - Nantwich Players                                   

Best Production

                Her Naked Skin - HARLEQUIN THEATRE –

                ART - NANTWICH PLAYERS -

                The Forsyte Saga - NANTWICH PLAYERS -

                The Weir - SALE NOMADS

                Bedroom Farce - CHESTER THEATRE CLUB -

The Ron Arscott Shield for Runner-up Best Production: 

                                THE WEIR - SALE NOMADS

The John F Blackburn Award for Best Overall Production:  

                                ART - NANTWICH PLAYERS